Media Command Reference

The commands in this reference are shown with their full command identifiers. On your system you can use shorter identifiers, whose availability depends on the commands available in total (to avoid overlap the shortest possible identifier is determined during runtime).

To see the shortest possible identifiers on your system as well as further commands that may be available, use:

./flow help

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Remove thumbnails

Removes all thumbnail objects and their resources. Optional preset parameter to only remove thumbnails matching a specific thumbnail preset configuration.



Preset name, if provided only thumbnails matching that preset are cleared

Create thumbnails

Creates thumbnail images based on the configured thumbnail presets. Optional preset parameter to only create thumbnails for a specific thumbnail preset configuration.

Additionally accepts a async parameter determining if the created thumbnails are generated when created.



Preset name, if not provided thumbnails are created for all presets


Asynchronous generation, if not provided the setting Neos.Media.asyncThumbnails is used

Import resources to asset management

This command detects Flow “Resource” objects which are not yet available as “Asset” objects and thus don’t appear in the asset management. The type of the imported asset is determined by the file extension provided by the Resource object.



If set, this command will only tell what it would do instead of doing it right away

Render ungenerated thumbnails

Loops over ungenerated thumbnails and renders them. Optional limit parameter to limit the amount of thumbnails to be rendered to avoid memory exhaustion.



Limit the amount of thumbnails to be rendered to avoid memory exhaustion